iOWN Token is a multi-utility token that can be used within the blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform, iOWNX and is accepted as a payment method at several vendors.

iOWNX is a crowd investment platform launched to bridge the gap between investors and businesses seeking funds. Holders of iOWN Token gain access to iOWNX platform’s marketplace giving them the opportunity to invest in real estate projects and promising businesses of tomorrow.


The Token allows you to Invest in your favorite equity bases projects in no time!


You can store your Tokens into the Multi- asset iOWN Wallet


When utilizing your tokens to invest in projects, smart contracts will protect your investment and agreements.


iOWN Token enables you to invest directly into real-estate and businesses


iOWN is an ERC 223 token that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain network.


The token provides an access to the iOWNX marketplace to find profitable trusted businesses to invest in.

Built on


iOWNX tackles problems in a two-pronged fashion: a digital blockchain-powered program and a comprehensive ecosystem. The twin concept will modernize and simplify investment opportunities through a decentralized platform accessible by all kinds of users (from beginner traders to experts) and business owners all over the world. We have classified the process of execution into the following parts:




It is difficult to find profitable trusted businesses around the globe to invest


Exposure to high risk without reliable information about investment details

Time & Cost

Lack of time and knowledge for new income opportunities along with unforeseen high fees



Finding trusted partners or investors who share the same vision can be a herculean task


Risk of losing the power of decision making by diluting major part of their stakes

Time & Cost

Finding resources and execution coupled with high fundraising fees is one of the biggest limitation


iOWNX provides easy access for people to be part of a trusted, operational businesss (or a promising startup) with minimum effort and maximum value. We convert smart ideas to real businesses. iOWNX provides digital support to business owners to enhance, expand and market their businesses, enabling them to generate more funds and to share their success with everyone.


The core value of iOWN Token is to empower the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, iOWNX.



Two tokens make the iOWNX ecosystem function seamlessly: investors use iOWN Token to fund businesses or real estate projects. Post the investment, for the iOWNX ecosystem to process the funding, the delivery of the service outcomes to the investors will be in the form of uOWN Token, executed through smart contracts. The uOWN Token are stablecoins, issued and governed by the iOWN ecosystem and represent the rights of the investor to receive revenues from a crowdfunding campaign.


As the value of iOWN Token changes based on supply and demand, uOWN Token works perfectly with the volatile coins within exchanges and DeFi space. For the iOWN ecosystem to function efficiently all the three core elements (iOWNX, iOWN Token and uOWN Token) function together to ensure security and a superior user experience protected by smart contract.


iOWN Token Structure

iOWN Token has a total supply of 450 million tokens, out of which 151 million tokens were sold in iOWN Token private and public sales. The remainder of the public supply of 300 million will be put in a special, “On-demand-release” program, for usage in the platform under special conditions.



0 %

Initial and continued development of blockchain, smart contracts, application and securing the platform.

Legal & Compliance

0 %

Legal and regulatory ongoing development to align with business development.

Exchange Listing

0 %

Register iOWN Token in reputable exchanges.


0 %

Global marketing campaigns, sales funds to offer and promote company services.


0 %

Liquidity reserve to support token price.


0 %

Continuous research and development to catch up with rapid market changes.

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