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As the crypto and NFT markets grow, so does the need for a secure place to store all the valuable assets you acquired over time. iOWN wallet fits this need as a secure and easily accessible place to store cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets. iOWN wallet makes it easy for users to purchase cryptocurrencies, link to different DeFi and NFT platforms, collect NFTs, swap tokens, and even enjoy earning opportunities. For these reasons iOWN wallet has become the most trusted wallet among our users. We understand the pace of change in the crypto space and so we are constantly updating our platform and delivering new offerings to our community. Real estate NFTs are a new industry within the NFT world and the innovation that comes along with introducing NFTs to age-old market areas is incredible and we are excited to be at the forefront of this progress.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is an item that is unique and secured on the blockchain so that proof of ownership is undisputed and clear for everyone to see. Unlike a Bitcoin or U.S. dollar where each bitcoin or USD is interchangeable with another, an NFT is not interchangeable for another since each one is unique and not replaceable. This non-fungibility is what makes NFTs valuable and provides the trust that secures this value.

The Status Quo

The NFT space has seen rapid growth over the last year. Many project founders are racking their heads, brainstorming innovative ways NFTs can be implemented into our daily lives and how they fit into the new Web 3.0. Real estate is a multi-billion dollar industry which has not seen much innovation over the last several decades. Like most legacy institutions, change comes slow since it also comes at the expense of those on top who are making millions off the current standard.

Welcoming NFTs in Real Estate

Real estate NFTs are a burgeoning, up and coming area where NFTs are being implemented in new and innovative ways. With NFTs, users can purchase and sell real estate utilizing the blockchain. iOWN wallet offers a safe and seamlessly intuitive platform to store all virtual assets including virtual deeds of physical land! Gone are the days that you had to worry about your deed not being safe under your mattress or even in a bank safe deposit box. No longer do you need to worry about losing your home’s deed. With iOWN wallet, you have a secure and easily accessible place to hold your real estate deed. Moreover, having a deed at your fingertips simplifies the process of buying and selling real estate, or serving others with proof of ownership as needed. Lastly, real estate NFTs not only serve as proof of ownership but also provide easy liquidation and ease of rental collection with crypto – the possibilities are truly endless.

What’s next for iOWN’s Real Estate NFT Offerings?

iOWN will be offering the soon to be introduced “iOWN NFTs”. The program enables iOWN Token holders to stake a certain number of tokens for a 12 month duration and will be rewarded with 2 NFTs, one redeemable after only 6 months and the other after completion of the 12 month staking. The NFTs will be backed by a portfolio of real-estate assets that generates revenue from rent which will be shared and distributed to the NFT holder for life in their iOWN wallet without needing to perform any additional steps or verification.
The expected returns will continue to be automatically distributed to the NFT holders and users are able to sell the NFTs on secondary markets such as Opensea where new NFT holders can benefit from this passive income utility NFT.

About iOWN Token

iOWN Token is a multi-utility token that can be used within the blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform and is accepted as a payment method at several vendors. Holders of iOWN Token gain access to iOWN platform’s marketplace giving them the opportunity to invest in real estate projects and promising businesses of tomorrow.

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