How to Transform Business with iOWN Crowd-Investment

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Seeking Funding for Business Ventures

Whether you are a small startup, an established business, or a consortium, there will be a time when additional funds or an injection of liquidity helps you grow, transform your business, or kickstart a new venture.

If you already have some experience looking for investors and trying to contact venture funds you know just how difficult it is to get an appointment or even find out who to approach. You need to network and know your local industry players to get recommended and then compete with similar businesses in your region. It also requires time, money, and mind space that some smaller firms and startups might not have focused on their MVPs.

Even then, your odds of securing a loan or investment are relatively low, while if you manage to get VC on board, you forfeit a large share of your company and control over your business.

Venture Capitalism Can Destroy Your Company

It’s almost surprising that despite the advanced technological society we retained the 20th-century investment models where local businesses seek majorly local investors through their contacts or per-chance meetings, and then lay their business concepts and equity at the mercy of venture capitalists who only care about the maximum ROI in the shortest time possible.

Many brilliant ideas and teams that could benefit from longer incubation time or mentoring get discarded or outright destroyed in the investment process. VCs ‘mass invest’ in 10 to 20 startups at the time expecting 5x the returns and quickly back out from the less successful or slower ventures. VC sponsored companies (1M+ funds raised) show consistent negative result and 70-80% failure as per research from Harvard University.

Crowd-Investment Solution for Business

Currently, the globalization of information transfer thanks to the internet and developments in the financial technology field are pushing investment models beyond standard banking, financial institutions, and traditional venture capitalism. Blockchain technology allowed ICOs to gather over 6B USD between 2014 and 2017, and another 8B in 2018 alone. At the same time, the peer-2-peer lending grew at over 50% CAGR and is estimated to reach 900B by 2024.

Now, we propose a new funding solution for your startups and businesses, Crowd-Investment, which combines the best features of crowdfunding and private equity investment with decentralized Blockchain technology.

As a business, you get instant access to a global network of vetted and reliable investors. You can instantly showcase your business idea and proposition without wasting money, time, and effort on networking, advertising, or seeking out toxic VCs.

Listing Your Business on iOWN Platform

Listing on iOWN platform means becoming part of our ecosystem with access to quality investors worldwide. It also means gaining instant credibility as your business is vetted by our industry experts and licensed auditors. With years of experience in the investment industry, we know what investors care about, and we created tools to help you showcase crucial information about your business:

-Team Trust Score

-Business Trust Score

-Risk Indication Score

-Profit and ROI Indication Score

-Audits and Monitoring

The automated fundraising campaigns on iOWN platform are easy to set up and customize. We also facilitate profit sharing and ownership proof transfer of equity depending on the rules of your campaign. You decide the time of your campaign (as short as 15 days) and retain control over your business upon successful funding (unlike in the VC model). Learn more about how iOWN can help business from our whitepaper.

iOWN Token

Here, at iOWN we believe in novel technologies and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the most significant discoveries of our century. We believe that Blockchain and the related fintech solutions will help our financial and investment systems evolve and drive new ideas, technologies, businesses, and whole economies. To that end, we created a one-of-a-kind crowd-investment platform and an ecosystem connecting small and large investors with companies and startups allowing seamless funding and incubation of worthy projects on a global scale.