Share Owning Opens to Retail Investors

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Owning company shares can be extremely rewarding not only in terms of the return on investment when the firm grows. As a shareholder or a seed investor, you also help businesses thrive.

However, for the retail investor, owning shares of multiple companies is almost impossible. The crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow you to help companies, and projects but can’t offer company ownership or a financial return on investment. To do that, you need to go through expensive brokerage companies or mutual funds.

But what if buying shares in companies was possible, inexpensive, and simple?

iOWN Solution

Here at iOWN, our mission is to modernize and democratize the investment into small businesses and startups, making it accessible, affordable, and safe for the retail investor.

The iOWN platform also helps small businesses connect with global investors and open various opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs.

iOWN Token Model

The iOWN platform uses two distinct tokens to make your investment safer.

  1. iOWN Token – The Staking Token.

This token is used to invest in companies and also to pay out dividends to the investors.

Once the token is listed on the exchanges, later this year, the price will fluctuate with the market. Our whitepaper describes the iOWN token price forecasts that we will carefully manage with the supply and demand. The iOWN token will be available for purchase on our partnering exchange (soon to be announced) through an Initial Exchange offering (IEO).

The companies launching campaigns are paid in fiat after the successful termination of their campaign.

  1. uOWN Token – The Ownership Token.

This token represents your ownership of the company. Its price doesn’t change over time, which means that when your company grows, your amount of uOWN tokens is adjusted accordingly.

The uOWN token is not tradable on exchanges or transferable between parties. uOWN represents your proof of ownership of the company and your rights to receive the revenue percentage agreed on during the campaign.

To sell your ownership shares, you can offer them on the iOWN platform in a sale campaign.

Outside of uOWN tokens, the ownership of assets and rules of how much dividends are paid to you based on your shareholding is described in the smart contract, and the profits are paid to you quarterly or annually (depending on the rules of each company) in the form of iOWN tokens.

Security and Risks

Like with any stock picking, choosing the companies to invest into maybe risky if the companies fail in their business goals. This is why there are multiple tools and scores available on the iOWN platform to help investors assess projects, and businesses better to communicate with investors.

Entrepreneurs can request auditing from our experts and 3rd party certified auditors to increase investor trust and the project’s scores on the platform.


iOWN is bringing shareholding opportunities to everyone by making it easy, inexpensive, and secure with Blockchain technology, auditing tools, and innovative double token model.