Mark Hamad

Sulaiman DawodBranding & Corporate Identity Professional

A self-taught business man with decades of business experience and acumen with a focus on money management and account relations and retention. Led multiple startups to become thriving enterprises with a BBB rating of A+. Leadership qualities, customer relations, and marketing experience that can be integrated into any type of business arena.

  • The Crypto Terminologies you need to know series part three, where you can explore the popular terms and phrases relevant to cryptocurrencies. When reading through cryptocurrency related blogs or whitepaper on the internet and having no clue what people are talking about? Certain phrases and acronyms are highly unique to digital currencies that could prove helpful by simply learning the basic industry terminology.

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  • Many industries and institutions are finding blockchain technology useful; with several revolutionary features brought forward, many businesses are upgrading the way they do things and utilizing the superiority of the technology.

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  • Modern technology has changed the way we live our lives, and is making things faster, easier, economical, safer, and more comfortable; including the way we pay for things, many countries are shifting to a cashless society and adapting to a more convenient method to carry transaction in the digital era. 

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