Mark Hamad

Sulaiman DawodBranding & Corporate Identity Professional

A self-taught business man with decades of business experience and acumen with a focus on money management and account relations and retention. Led multiple startups to become thriving enterprises with a BBB rating of A+. Leadership qualities, customer relations, and marketing experience that can be integrated into any type of business arena.

  • A blockchain is a public ledger of information collected through a network that sits on the internet. It is how this information is recorded that gives blockchain its groundbreaking potential. The distributed, cryptographically-secure database structure that allows network participants to establish a trusted and immutable record of transactional data without the need for intermediaries or middlemen.

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  • Today’s world is connected, but not totally centered. Connections link people, cultures and idea, but keeping the power with few people. We are now at a technological crossroads which is looking to change these incentives, and to keep the power in the hands of people.

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  • When reading through cryptocurrency related forums on the internet and having no clue what people are talking about? Certain lingo is highly unique to digital currencies that could prove helpful by simply learning the basic industry terminology. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to have a glossary of some terms you may come across.

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