iOWN Wallet will support BNB Chain and lists New Tokens

We are thrilled to announce a major upgrade to the iOWN Wallet, which will enhance the overall user experience of the wallet. We implemented multiple bug fixes, and optimization to the app to ensure the most suitable user experience. The major improvements on the wallet is that it will support both chains, Ethereum and BNB Chain are the newly listed tokens and the BNB Chain Integration.


The new integration of the BNB Chain will allow for a significantly low transaction fee compared to Ethereum, consequently, the iOWN Token will run exclusively on BNB Chain for the time being. As a dual-chain wallet, we have listed new tokens available for you to send, receive and store (BNB, BUSD, USDC & USDT) and the Ethereum network will allow you to send, receive and store (ETH, USDT & USDC). 


Switching between the two networks (Ethereum and BNB Chain) is simple and accessible by clicking the bi-directional arrows on the top right of the app. The 1:1 swap of old iOWN Token (Ethereum Network) and New iOWN Token (BNB Chain) will take place after holder download the updated wallet and the completion of CERTIK contract audit.

Keep an eye out for the official wallet update announcement in the next few days. As we are facing a slight delay from a world recognized smart contract auditor which will catapult iOWN Token to the next exciting phase of new CEX, DEX listings and the utility of the token, we appreciate your support and patients to bring iOWN to the next level.  

To read more about the iOWN Token upgrade at status, CLICK HERE.


About the iOWN Token

iOWN Token is a multi-utility token that can be used within the blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform, iOWNX and is accepted as a payment method at several vendors such as AMLAK Digital, IN4X Global and several other partners.

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