iOWN Token is a multi-utility token that is accepted as a payment method via the IN4X Global payment gate way that is used by several vendors. and to be used within the Staking program that rewards you with a real estate NFT.
iOWN Token will be used to access other platforms within the iown ecosystem like iOWNX, iOWN VIP club and iOWN Gold, more details will be released soon.


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iOWN Wallet is a dual-chain, multi-purpose wallet, where users can maintain, send and receive iOWN Tokens, USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH and BUSD.
The wallet enables users to participate in staking & reward program and equity-based crowdfunding campaigns on the iOWNX Platform. The crypto wallet avails users the opportunity to buy the native token of the iOWN ecosystem, the iOWN token and several other stable coins.
The wallet enable crypto payments through a QR code scaner to buy products and services from your prefered merchants.
Once downloaded, users can manage their portfolio, view the platform’s blockchain transactions, and much more in the palm of their hand. The latest version of the iOWN Wallet is available on iOS and Android app stores.


The core value of iOWN Token is to empower the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, iOWNX.
Two tokens make the iOWNX ecosystem function seamlessly: investors use iOWN Token to fund businesses or real estate projects. Post the investment, for the iOWNX ecosystem to process the funding, the delivery of the service outcomes to the investors will be in the form of uOWN Token, executed through smart contracts. The uOWN Token are stablecoins, issued and governed by the iOWN ecosystem and represent the rights of the investor to receive revenues from a crowdfunding campaign.
As the value of iOWN Token changes based on supply and demand, uOWN Token works perfectly with the volatile coins within exchanges and DeFi space. For the iOWN ecosystem to function efficiently all the three core elements (iOWNX, iOWN Token and uOWN Token) function together to ensure security and a superior user experience protected by smart contract.


The new Staking feature provides the community with the opportunity to earn passive income by simply staking a minimum of 50,000 iOWN Tokens for 182 Days. Upon completing 182 days of your term, you will receive and NFT that represents 1 Sqft of a physical Real Estate worth $487 that earns you passive income for life from the rented property as long as you own the NFT.
The Staking requirements is a minimum of 50,000 IOWN, and you can stake with a multiple of 50,000 IOWN e.g. (100,000 gets you 2 NFTs) the more you stake the more NFTs you get, resulting in more passive income you earn.
The Process is simple, make sure you have enough iOWN Tokens in you iOWN Wallet, if you don’t, you can buy the tokens from the following platforms. After having enough tokens, you can click “Stake Now” on the wallet, approve the staking “Terms & Conditions” and join the Genesis Pool to receive your NFTs and Rewards.
Once you own one the NFTs which represents the Square footage you maybe choose to keep it to receive passive income or sell it on secondary marketplace such as Opensea.
Genesis Pool currently represent a total of 8 luxury hotel appartments in Five hotel JVC and Radisson DAMAC Hills with a total value of 2,000,000 US dollars and total SQFT of 4110.


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