iOWN is one of the first blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platforms, which aims to bridge the gap between investors and businesses seeking funds. iOWN Token is an ERC223 token to be used within the blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform, iOWNX. 

iOWN is registered as an exempted company in the Cayman Islands 

iOWN has an Information Technology office in Dubai (Jumeirah Lake Towers) in the United Arab Emirates. 

iOWN Token is your key to access the iOWNX Platform, the equity crowdfunding platform to be launched soon. iOWN Tokens will allow you to participate in the platform services and reach your target investment goals. 

Currently, the tokens are available for trade on crypto exchanges, LATOKEN and p2p b2b. iOWN Tokens will soon be available on more exchanges. 

You can invest in Real estate and Businesses seeking fund with your tokens for a return in equity on the iOWNX platform, secured by smart contracts on the blockchain. 

iOWN Tokens were released at a price of $0.01. You can check the token’s live price on CMC. 

There is a total of 450,000,000 iOWN Tokens issued, 67% of which (or 300,000,00) will be available for sale.

No further tokens will be issued, and the supply is limited to these numbers.

Users will be able to keep a track of their token balance, store and make new transactions on the iOWNX Wallet. The app is available on Apple and Android play store. 

iOWN Tokens are intended to function as utility tokens to allow you to participate in the platform services. The iOWN Tokens’ core utility is to enable users to fund equity-based campaigns on the iOWNX platform. Purchasing iOWN Tokens does not entitle you to ownership rights in the iOWN company. 

All tokens unsold during the token sale will be burned. 

Not at the momentUniswap currently only allow trading between ERC-20 tokens while iOWN Token is an ERC-223 token, once Uniswap feature ERC-223 Tokens, we will list the token and you will be able to trade. 

ERC223 is a superset of the ERC20 token standard. It is a step forward towards economic abstraction at the application/contract level allowing the use of tokens as first-class value transfer assets in smart contract development. It is also a safer standard as it doesn’t allow token transfers to contracts that don’t support token receiving and handling. 

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