What is iOWN Token?

iOWN Token is a BEP 20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.

iOWN Token is a multi-utility token that is accepted as a payment method via theIN4X Global payment gateway used by several vendors. It is also being used in the Staking program on the iOWN Wallet, which rewards you with a real estate NFT. 


Additionally, iOWN Token will be used to access other platforms within the iOWN ecosystem like iOWNX, iOWN VIP club, and iOWN Gold. More details shall be released soon. 

iOWN Token is listed on Coinsbit, LATOKEN, and P2PB2B exchange platforms. It can also be bought within the iOWN wallet, or through the Trading Platform from IN4X Global. iOWN Token (iOWN) is available in USDT trading pairs. 



The wallet enables users to access, control and transfer iOWN Tokens, along with participation in the Staking & reward program. It will also be used in equity-based crowdfunding campaigns on the iOWNX Platform. The crypto wallet presents users the opportunity to buy the native token of the iOWN ecosystem, the iOWN token, and several other stablecoins. This can be done through multiple options viaIN4X Global within the wallet. 

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