The iOWN Token ($iOWN) is now available on Coinsbit 

As the iOWN Ecosystem continues to grow in capability and features, more exchanges are taking notice of our ecosystem. Coinsbit has joined the ranks of exchanges to list the iOWN Token, becoming the 3rd exchange to offer iOWN to its users! 

The following token pair will be available on Coinsbit: iOWN/USDT 


About Coinsbit 

Coinsbit is a widely used exchange with an impressive amount of activity, seeing over $480 Million in trading volume over the past 24 hours. With hundreds of trading pairs available to Coinsbit users, IOWN’s addition to their platform opens up new ways for traders to acquire and trade IOWN. 

You can learn more about Coinsbit at the links below. 

Coinsbit website: 
Coinsbit Twitter account: 
Coinsbit CoinMarketCap page: 
Coinsbit iOWN/USDT trades: 

IOWN and Coinsbit 

From real-estate, equity crowdfunding and more, our community understands the appeal of the IOWN ecosystem and what we are building. We’re thrilled to see more people discovering IOWN each day, and we can’t wait to meet Coinsbit’s users in the coming weeks. 

IOWN is now available on 3 different exchanges or swapping services, including: 

  • Coinsbit 
  • Latoken 
  • P2PB2B 


Have questions about what IOWN is or what we’re building? Be sure to check out our website here where you can learn more about staking, yield farming, our roadmap, and more. Our Twitter and Telegram are a great way to stay up to date on the developments about iOWN, so don’t forget to follow us there.  

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