An overview of iOWN Wallet

iOWN Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that holds digital assets, allowing users to manage the different assets that they possess. The wallet supports both the Ethereum Network and BNB Chain, meaning that tokens on both chains can be stored. Switching between each network inside the wallet is as simple as a press of a button.

The crypto wallet avails users the opportunity to buy the native token of the iOWN ecosystem, the iOWN token. This can be done through multiple options such as via IN4X Global and transfer.


Available Tokens

In the iOWN Wallet, users can manage their iOWN Token, USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH and BUSD. As time elapses, it will support more tokens and digital assets.

As an easy-to-use wallet, users can deposit or withdraw tokens whenever they want without undergoing any KYC process. The only time that the procedure may be needed is if the payment top-up feature is utilized.




A key element in the wallet is its topnotch security infrastructure that is tailored to safeguard the tokens. For instance, a user can decide to add extra security features for logging in, such as their fingerprint or Face ID.

As a non-custodial crypto wallet, the user is expected to store their 12 Word Seed Phrase, allowing them to access the iOWN wallet on different devices. If the app is deleted, they can access their crypto wallet in another phone.

A great thing about the iOWN wallet is that users can easily interact with the compatible networks (ETH Network & BNB Chain) without having to download the entire chain.

The iOWN wallet has an intuitive user interface. The UI is designed to improve the user experience while navigating through the different features of the wallet. Both new users and professional crypto enthusiasts can enjoy the perks that come from exploring it. The crypto wallet also has reliable customer support, meaning that users can drop their suggestions or submit any complaints. The support team is available at every second of the day.



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