The Future of Investment in the Blockchain Era

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Blockchain changes the way we interact with one another and encourages a more direct and transparent approach. It bridges un-editable real-time data that is accessible by the masses for the masses.

A little food for thought – imagine that in a few years time fifth graders will be learning about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, the same way we were learning about the internet and the world wide web. It sounds way too complex and we’re still figuring it out as we speak, but we really need to pick up the pace and understand it thoroughly because it is about to change everything.
Just like the Internet was a big thing people were afraid of and concerned about, blockchain is also about to dominate an era of its own to be like that. It also will raise a lot of questions regarding legal, governmental, economical, and security matters.
Blockchain aims to be the most trusted system in the world. Blockchain bridges un-editable real-time data that is accessible by the masses for the masses to provide authentic, transparent, and on-demand information that varies within several industries and business sectors that include banking, educational, real estate, governmental, medical services, and many more. It is merely led by the people, for the people and hence businesses – which we will get to later on.
The rise of Bitcoin has showcased a high demand in untapped financial currency by excluding the interference of third party governmental and/or private financial organizations. A successful product of Blockchain being the Bitcoin, and it’s success hit-rate in the digital modernized era created a high demand of free will data being private, untapped and un-editable. Recent financial investments and funds have been allocated by corporations not only to follow the trend of the digital revolution but also to meet and greet the demands while seizing the opportunity in monetizing on such technology by offering Blockchain as a technology to its clients, customers and consumers.
You may wonder, why are people actually demanding it? It may sound a bit surprising, but it actually does benefit potential investors. Could it really be the solution to a risqué business? Maybe. First thing’s first, we’re looking at a much minimized fraud rate, and by the looks of it there will most probably be none at all. The data on Blockchain is impossible to edit or fabricate. In other words, it is not Wikipedia or a platform for the latest celebrity gossip. The concept of Blockchain opens up unique job opportunities that may work for investments in ways that were never done before, while also cuts out on other existing positions – which could be a downside.
In the Blockchain era, the headache of personnel to aid in investments is extracted from the process making it less tedious. Who would have thought that investing in a company or starting a business would exclude intermediaries like lawyers and banks? Now, the limitations of Blockchain have not exactly been set in stone yet in terms of international law policies and governmental accessibility to networks, portraying an obvious risk factor for private data being accessible. However, the data that an investor might target is actually the crucial kind to access; in the stock market for instance, an investor would have an idea of when to invest or when to pull out with in depth analytics of the numbers related to the respective company.
Blockchain changes the way we interact with one another, and encourages a more direct and transparent approach. The way it tracks and stores data is very efficient in its chronological manner. In the easiest way to understand its process, think about it as a food that enters your body, all your organs are notified by the entrance of that particular food and there is nothing you can do to change that.
Think about Blockchain operating in the same way, it was created in a “decentralized” format to be publicly available across a vast mesh of computers, which disables the fabrication of data making it highly trustworthy. It creates sources of data automatically in a network, which makes it merely impossible to change, amend or even slightly alter. Blockchain is about to be a tool that makes lives more convenient, and more so than that, a much more efficient way of doing business and living in general – making it a necessity.

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