iOWN Wallet Updates with powerful new features…

 iOWN Wallet’s new features include security, crypto payments, USDT & Ethereum EIP-1559 support
iOWN Wallet Updates with powerful new features
The updated multi-asset and utility iOWN Wallet is out now! Users are now able to securely store, send and receive iOWN Tokens along with ETH and USDT. Powered by IN4X Global, which enables users to buy iOWN, ETH and USDT via wire-transfer.
Users have total control over their private key and crypto assets, as well as the ability to make quick payments secured by blockchain. Users may also keep their crypto holdings on a single platform. Asset transactions require a gas fee which now can be adjusted to any of the 3-transaction speeds, slow, average and fast. Accessibility to the wallet has also seen a major upgrade that incorporates a biometric scanner and a 12-word secret phrase, among other security features.
To give users a seamless experience with the use of iOWN Wallet, we introduced innovative features:

  1. Buy iOWN Tokens through wire transfer.
  2. Stay updated with the iOWN token price and crypto assets value.
  3. IN4X Global Services: Ability to buy tokens directly in the wallet.
  4. Make crypto payments using your crypto assets to selected 3rd party merchants.
  5. Biometrics accessibility (face recognition/fingerprint unlock).
  6. Support for Ethereum upgrade to EIP-1559.
  7. Store and transact with USDT.

Buy Crypto Assets through wire transfer

You can now buy iOWN Tokens, ETH and USDT through wire transfer. The transfers are fast, convenient, efficient, and transparent. iOWN Wallet app transfers are immutable once recorded and cannot be altered, reversed, or tampered with, which makes the process highly secure for users. This major upgrade lists iOWN Wallet as one of the few available wallets that facilitates such transactions.

Track iOWN Token Live Price Activity

Users can track the iOWN token price and crypto-assets value on the upgraded iOWN Wallet app. This will enable token holders to be aware of the live price activity, the current value of iOWN token and be able to make informed decisions. The prices are reliable and are consistently updated.

Added support for USDT

The Added support for USDT implies that users can transfer USDT with iOWN Wallet to anywhere in the world with no difficulty and for a reasonable fee.

Added ability to make payments

Users will be able to make payments to chosen third-party merchants using crypto assets through the IN4X Global crypto payment solution. More partners will be able to integrate with IN4X Global payment gateway and use iOWN Wallet for their online transactions. Consumers can select their preferred cryptocurrency for payment from among the accepted currencies, as well as determine if they have enough ETH to cover the gas fees required to complete transactions

Biometrics Accessibility - Face and Fingerprint unlock

Experts claim biometric technology tackles one of the main cryptocurrency issues and its upgrade will benefit iOWN Wallet users. Biometrics, a more powerful and effective alternative to passwords and PINs, offers a solution to the cryptocurrency password issue and would help increase the security of the iOWN Wallet and deter possible fraudsters. For extremely secure transactions, a built-in fingerprint sensor authorizes transactions swiftly and securely using your biometric data. Biometric identification, according to technology security specialists, might also aid cryptocurrency acceptance.

Supports Ethereum EIP 1559 for blockchain fee calculation

The EIP-1559 update is part of the ETH 2.0 journey to completion and is significant because it provides a long-term solution against denial-of-service (DOS) assaults. It also improves the efficiency of Ethereum transactions which supports iOWN Wallet. EIP-1559 has improved Ethereum’s overall user experience by lowering ETH’s inflation rate and possibly even making it deflationary which in the long-term improves the Ethereum ecosystem and the tokens built on their blockchain.

How To Update Your iOWN Wallet

Before making any transactions, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the iOS and Android iOWN Wallet mobile app. To upgrade, visit the iOS and Android stores.
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