How iOWN is Paving the Way for the Investment of the Future?

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The Outdated Financing Models

Traditional investment system relies on time-consuming, expensive, inefficient, and in many ways random matchmaking between potential investors and startups seeking financing.

Business owners are forced to raise funds through bank loans and the financial institution which comes with a variety of hurdles and is rarely accessible to startups or less established companies. However, the most technological advancements come from small teams and grassroots initiatives who proactively seek out venture capitalists and angel investors or seek alternative methods of funding. Many of potentially promising ideas and startups die in their first year not finding the right investors, and thus potentially groundbreaking ideas, technologies, and products are lost.

Investors, on the other hand, have trouble finding promising teams and projects because there is no single place where they could access reliable, trusted information about such ventures.

The Investment Platform of the Future

The rising interest among retail and traditional investors in crypto assets, ICOs, STOs, and crypto equity companies suggest there is a growing market for alternative financing and crowdfunding initiatives.

A platform that could offer a shared network for investors and companies to meet and exchange trusted and relevant information in a risk-free way would be a natural next step in the alternative financing evolution.

iOWN has built a complete platform and a crowdfunding ecosystem to facilitate the connection between investors and startups, and help finance the most promising projects and innovative minds in various niches including IT, Financials, Real estate, Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Industrials, and Health Care.

iOWN tokens launched the 4th of April offer instant and secure crowdfunding function with automated profit distribution

The tokens on the platform allow for instant, secure, and automated funding process at low fees and with a relatively effective campaign funding time.

Why iOWN?

–  The iOWN platform offers a global network and worldwide investment opportunities for both businesses and investors.
–  The platform allows for instant, secure, and automated funding process at low fees and with a relatively short campaign funding time.
–  Thanks to large audiences, projects have higher chances of acceptance and funding than with traditional financing models.
–  Tokens have a clear utility status and are compliant with multi-countries regulation offering broader access.

iOWN Token Sale

To join our community of early investors, you can now purchase iOWN tokens and become a Believer.

Early Believers who purchase tokens now will get access to a special up to 25% bonus as well as the Believers affiliate program.

On March the 6th, iOWN group organized the first meetup for iOWN Believers to talk about the immense opportunities and innovation behind the blockchain technology and blockchain-based crowdfunding. We also introduced and explained our lucrative referral program for early adopters.

Join Now

To join as our project Believer, sign up and purchase iOWN tokens before they are officially listed on an exchange.

You can also learn more about iOWN by reading the whitepaper and litepaper.

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